That's Tuff! - Which product first?

Thank you for your suggestions on the That's Tuff Ideation Mission. Normally I would have only provided the top 5 mostly boosted suggestions for the upcoming voting, but I find your ideas so nice that I decided to include more.

So vote and show me which ideas you think are the best!

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That's Tuff - Basketball Shorts, Jersey
24,87 %
That's Tuff - Sweatpants
17,46 %
That's Tuff - Shirt
16,40 %
That's Tuff - Sneaker
13,76 %
That's Tuff - Caps
10,05 %
That's Tuff x BTSV Collab
7,94 %
That's Tuff - Socks
5,29 %
That's Tuff - rain jacket
3,70 %
That's Tuff - Stickers
0,53 %


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Yay! You have seen it all