NFT Care Packages Coming in Hot 🔥

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by Dennis -

To thank you for all the support in this community, I will be dropping my first limited edition NFTs. Hold 'em because they are gonna have perks.

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I've been watching Dennis since pro b times in Braunschweig, when he stealed the ball from my coach twice and dunked in a row, no cap (maybe he remembers that, happened in Bernau). I think it is not only incredible how he manifested himself in the NBA, but also as a Businessman, if it is in Atlanta with a bar/restaurant, this app or his agency. Very inspiring how he turns revenue from on skill, that being very good at basketball into different cashflows to ensure longterm wealth. I think his very underrated in Germany as a Businessman, but that may be his advantage. Pretty cool iny believe.
 DS17 | First Edition | Common
DS17 | First Edition | Common

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Yay! You have seen it all

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